Welcome to my redesigned home page

Greetings to all visitors.  As you can see, this page is in the midst of a major reconstruction.  After 11 years of not being edited, I’m finally doing something about it.  My goal is to migrate all my old web pages to blog form and post here.  With over 300 travelogues on the original site, this is going to take a while, so I’ll be migrating two or three per week and hopefully adding a bunch of others that I never had a chance to add.

All of my original content is still available.  If you want to visit the travelogues go here:  http://www.tompgalvin.com/places/0_places.htm — I do not plan to remove them until I’ve migrated everything over to this blog. Meanwhile, I am working to complete the Austria, Slovakia, and Slovenia sections of the blog first, and will be experimenting a little with the content. So do not be surprised if you visit a couple times and notice that the layouts and such of the pages keep changing.  I beg your patience!

Warm regards, Tom Galvin

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