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Trnava -- Monument-Filled Town Outside Bratislava 


Located just thirty minutes away from Bratislava, Trnava (ter-NAH-va) is often touted as a nice excursion away from the big picture.  Indeed, Trnava has all the elements that make for a wonderful tourist attraction -- loads of monuments, a huge downtown with lots of shopping and eating, and tons of antiquities.

Trnava World War II MonumentTrnava is best known for its monuments, such as the World War II monument below, built among some of the town's finest specimens of architecture.

 Monuments are everywhere in this city, including the below World War I monument built outside the remnants of the former city wall, extending the better part of a kilometer down the western side of downtown. 

Old City Wall and MonumentThe main downtown is an L-shaped pedestrian zone about five hundred meters on each side and about sixty meters wide throughout.  Clearly, the town harkens back to its earlier industrial days when people traveled mostly on foot -- the streets are lined with small markets and shops, as of yet unintruded with western influence.

Trnava also sports a number of classic old-style churches, such as Obchodaý Dom below left...

I counted at least six impressive churches scattered around the downtown, each of different denominations and architectures -- further demonstrating western Slovakia's rich history.

Alas, I must admit that between Trnava Obchoday Dom and Trenčín, if one were to choose a single excursion to take from Bratislava, I would recommend Trenčín over Trnava.  What struck me about Trnava was the utter lack of people I encountered, and I learned that on a work day (M-F), there will be some people walking the downtown, but on weekends anyone who is anyone hops the 30-minute train to Bratislava.  On the other hand, the more distant Trenčíners are more likely to enjoy the home town surroundings.

If you are to visit Trnava, do so to check out the architecture.  Trnava is a beautiful little town with a lot to offer to the historian buff in you.

Trip taken 7 July 2001 -- Page last updated 01 September 2006 -- (C) 2001 Tom Galvin

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