Blue Lagoon

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Blue Lagoon

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Blue Lagoon -- Crystal Sea Between Malta's Minor Islands


Note:  This travelogue is based on a trip I took to Malta in 1995, so the pictures and information are rather dated and may not accurately reflect the modern appearance.  I welcome updates and corrections.

During the hot and humid Meditteranean summer, what could be better than take a dip in a crystal blue pool or sunbathe on a yacht and just chill?  There are few hotter and more humid places in the summer than Malta, but the Maltese have a grand getaway awaiting you in between its two smaller islands.  Cut inside the distant end of Comino, the Blue Comino IslandLagoon is a massive lake that attracts sun worshippers by the thousands.  This travelogue covers a tour boat ride from the port city of Sliema that encircled Comino and passed close by Gozo Island.

Comino Island is your basic flat, barren rock with tall cliffs, caves, and lagoons around its side.  Comino has only a single hotel and one access point near the Lagoon.  There is little else to see or do on Comino except walk around the edge of the cliffs, quite frankly.  Meanwhile, our tour included entrance to a couple of Comino's caves, such Mgarr on Gozo Islandas the large one in this photo.  Also visible is a patch of crystal water over plain sand.  As you can imagine, the water there is much deeper than it appears.

The tour continued in between the islands of Comino and Gozo, the northwest island.  Gozo has a number of small towns on it, which the Maltese tourism website claims has a number of great historical attractions.  The tour did not include a stop there, but the route brought us close enough to the coastal town of Mgarr to get a good look before entering the Lagoon.

Blue LagoonThe Blue Lagoon is long, narrow bay cut into Comino.  It's floor is absolutely pure white sand and the water is crystal clear, thereby giving the appearance of a humungous swimming pool.  As you can see in these photos, the Lagoon is regularly visited by boats large and small.  While water skiing is permitted in the darker waters at the mouth, the perfectly still inner waters serve as a pseudo-marina where boats are only allowed to anchor.

The Lagoon is surrounded by neatly carved rock formations on both sides, with plenty of pathways and hiking trails to occupy those not interested in spending the whole time sunbathing.  The waters are cool and refreshing, and much, much deeper than it looks.

The return voyage went a slightly different, more direct route to Sliema, passing Blue Lagoonthrough a number of Malta's fisheries.  The seaside will laden with dozens of spawning nets, providing much of the country's seafood.

It was a great day in the sun, and a great chance to see the 'rest' of Malta.  Certainly next time I would like to make a stop on Gozo and see its historic sites -- I'll just add it to my ever-expanding list of places to go, I guess. J

Trip taken 1-3 September 1995 -- Page last updated 01 September 2006 -- (C) 2001 Tom Galvin

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