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Subchapters in this travelogue:  Budapest West Bank ] Budapest East Bank ]


Budapest -- A City Once Divided by the Danube


Budapest is one of the great crown jewels of Middle Europe -- one of the primary cities of the former Austro-Hungarian empire, and a center for arts and culture that survived a half-century of Communist domination completely unscathed.  Hungarian Parliament and DanubeModern-day Budapest has thrived and is symbolic of Hungary's aggressive pursuit of entry into the European Union and return to prominence on the world stage.

This is a two-part travelogue of the city, inspired by an obscure but extremely important fact about -- that Budapest didn't begin as a single city, but two competing cities facing each other across the Danube... the western highland Buda (home of the great Buda Castle and other old world Buda Castle and Chain Bridgeattractions) versus the eastern marshland of Pest (the City's main commercial zone and seat of government).  History eventually joined these two together, and the world has been better off for it.

Getting to Budapest is really easy from Germany by train... Munich has a daily night train to and from Budapest, as does Frankfurt.  Getting around Budapest is also easy, as it has an extensive bus and metro system, and connections to anywhere else in Hungary is very easy.

I hope you enjoy these travelogues, and hope to see you in Budapest some day!  Meanwhile, choose from one of the colored areas below to get more details on this wonderful city!  (Note:  Currently, the East Bank and Northeast are combined together.  They will be split out separately in the future.  Check back later.)

Trip taken 22-23 November 2001 -- Page last updated 01 September 2006 -- (C) 2001 Tom Galvin

Subchapters in this travelogue:  Budapest West Bank ] Budapest East Bank ]

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