Kapuziner Kloster

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Other Chapters in the Salzburg section:  Hohensalzburg Castle ] Salzburg's Old City ] [ Kapuziner Kloster ]


Kapuziner Kloster and New City


This is not really a travelogue chapter so much as a placeholder for a chapter I hope to rewrite in future.  My only visit to the city of Salzburg was in the dead of winter in 2002.  While the Old City and Hohensalzburg Castle were year-round destinations, there were a number of places on the north bank of the Salzburg River that seemed better suited for summertime visits.  Hence, I did not spend a lot of time in that part of the city -- which included the Kapuziner Kloster on a hill facing the Caslte and the Mirabellenplatz which is Salzburg's downtown flower garden.  So, I am providing this chapter in photo gallery format in hopes that I will get a chance to revisit this part of the city (I plan to by 2007) and then give this part of the city a proper treatment.

The Kapuziner Kloster sits at the edge of a tall hill over the north bank of Salzach River.  The kloster is well fortified -- the front towers and lower wall are still visible.  The section of the city below it is mostly residential, and the shops on the street where I stood were everyday-shops, unlike the specialty and tourist places across the river.

I climbed the Kloster twice during my visit.  This scene was taken on my first climb, when the skies were cloudy.  It was about midway up.  Shown is the calvary straight ahead and a diorama of Jesus carrying the cross at the left. The Kloster itself was closed to visitors.

This is the view of the north bank from the Kloster.  The main street runs across the bottom of the picture.  In the distance you can see the black dome of a church facing the Makartplatz.  Beyond it is a palace that forms the famous Mirabellenplatz (see below). This is the Salzach River, a tributary of the Inn River that forms part of the border between Austria and Germany.  The Inn (which runs through Innsbruck) is itself a major tributary of the Danube River, meeting at the eastern Bavarian city of Passau

This is a shot taken inside the rather empty Mirabellenplatz.  Obviously, it is much prettier in the summer when the hedges are green and the flowers are in bloom.  But, I could readily tell how impressive this platz was.  If I turned 90 degrees left from this shot I would be facing along the length of the garden and directly toward the Hohensalzburg,  A great scene. This shot could be described as a unique item of interest, to me anyway.  It is not often that one sees a full-blown parking garage built into the side of a cliff.  However, this garage was not alone.  Several apartments and houses were also built into the cliffs surrounding the city.

Other Chapters in the Salzburg section:  Hohensalzburg Castle ] Salzburg's Old City ] [ Kapuziner Kloster ]

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