This page is a placeholder for the top level page that will present all the countries and locations that are or will be included in the travelogue site.

The map(s) below are Google map shots of world regions. The countries that are colored in are those where travelogues are already available. The map is now interactive with most of the countries shown, taking you to the country pages. Use the navigation sidebar to the right for direct access to some of the top city locations, or use the navigation menu above for direct access to all posts.

0_places_map_new copy

The above map is a screen capture from Google Maps using their general license. I will continue to add countries to this map as I complete their sections in the site.

Next up (likely in this order):  Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Estonia, and Denmark.

Links to the Country Pages:

Austria | Czech Republic | Hungary Slovakia Slovenia

Czech Republic Hungary Austria Slovakia Slovenia